Mastering the art of a good pitch requires some basic frameworks and steps to follow. However, it’s important to remember that every situation is unique and over time, you will develop relationships and learn how each individual works. A great PR pitch is solution-based for the recipient and centered in value.

The Perfectly Pitched Formula is a framework to create a compelling pitch that is thoughtful, giving, and driven by the ability to answer the question, ‘what have you got that they want?’ This formula can be transferred to almost any situation where you’re requesting an opportunity to be considered.

The Perfectly Pitched Ingredients

Step One: WHO

Personalize your pitch by name and research the publication/media outlet you’re reaching out to.

Step Two: WHAT

Get clear on what you’re pitching and make it unique and interesting.

Step Three: WHEN

Know when the publication is syndicated and when it’s most favorable for them to receive ideas for editorial consideration.

Step Four: WHERE

Consider if what you’re asking can be placed and where.

Step Five: HOW

Pitch with value in mind, and consider what you can give that they might want, not what the journalist can give you.

In addition, it’s important to communicate the value of what you do, similar to an elevator pitch.

Use value as the North Star when you pitch to media or any potential opportunity, be it a sponsorship opportunity, collaboration, or even employment.

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